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Find  daily  international and geopolitical news thanks to the newsletters of our Trustees, experts in these fields. 

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Alma is a research and education center dedicated to researching security challenges at Israel's northern borders and educating opinion makers from research centers, universities, and others about the multidimensional complexities from the Middle-East

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Atlantico est un média général indépendant, libéral et conservateur. Traitant tous les sujets, Atlantico a à coeur de donner la parole à des experts afin de toujours être pertinent. Le média propose différents formats comme des dépêches et des analyses

Unknown.jpg is a website  internet founded by Daniel Pipes, an American journalist and academic, specialized in international politics and  counterterrorism. ​ Specialist of the Middle East, the site publishes a newsletter every week. 


ELNET France is an apolitical and independent organization working on  strengthening of bilateral relations between France and Israel. At the service of history and democracy, ELNET France facilitates meetings and debates and disseminates information.


Follow'her, winner of the Rising Initiative, is an organization promoting  entrepreneurship  socialand local in a responsible and respectful approach to the SDGs. The supervised projects meet two objectives: the economic inclusion of women and environmental commitment. 


The Foundation for Strategic Research is a foundation recognized as being of public utility and independent. His expertise concerns security and defence, economy, science and technology, threats (cyber,  terrorists, sanitary...). 


The Robert Schuman Foundation is a laboratory of pro-European ideas, a think  tank, created in 1991. The foundation works for European construction.


The Geneva Graduate Institute is a research and higher education institution specializing in international relations and development. The institute promotes cooperation.


Geostrategia is a collaborative website that aims to support training and research on current strategic issuesthanks to prestigious partners. In addition, Geostrategia is under the supervision of the Defense Security Research Team – Intelligence, Criminology, Crises, Cyber Threats (ESD-R3C) of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts.

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Le Global Forum of Japan est un organisme indépendant, ancré dans les échanges mondiaux. Le partage d'informations et la discussion sont essentiels pour créer des liens. Le GFJ souhaite donc développer des rapports bilatéraux avec les Etats au sujet de l'économie, le commerce, la politique, la culture...


The Henry Jackson Society is a transatlantic foreign policy and national security think tank. The group works to fight extremism and advance human rights, for real democracy.

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Hudson Institute is an American think tank created in 1961 and offering non-partisan analyses. Its pet subjects are defense, international relations, economy, culture, new technologies and health. 


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The IHEDN is a French public administrative establishment with expertise in Defense matters.  The institute produces research and studies for ministries and higher education establishments. 

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Forum .fr is the first French-speaking Jewish portrait offering articles and analyzes on many subjects: culture, international news, French news, health, economy...

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The Middle East Forum is a think tank based in Philadelphia, founded in 1994 by Daniel Pipes. The think tank promotes Western values in the Middle East and thinks about how to effectively fight against radical Islam. is an information site specializing in the Middle East. It is directed by author Albert Soued, an economist with a passion for biblical symbolism. In addition to a newsletter, the site publishes analyzes of  various contributors. 

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Founded in 1993, UN Watch is a non-governmental organization accredited to the UN Economic and Social Council. Its mission is to ensure that the UN respects its Charter of Human Rights. 

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Founded in 1993, UN Watch is a non-governmental organization accredited to the UN Economic and Social Council. Its mission is to ensure that the UN respects its charter of human rights. 


Fondée en 1993, UN Watch est une organisation non gouvernementale accréditée auprès du Conseil économique et social de l'ONU. Sa mission est de s'assurer que l'ONU respecte sa charte des Droits de l'Homme.  

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