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The concept

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Today, there is no comprehensive system for evaluating government will and effectiveness. No synthesis has ever been produced that takes into account all the major areas of public action in the world. This is why we created the Global Governance Index (GGI).


Three criteria have been used to assess government action: 

Unity : The ability to form and unite a people (education, social policies, economic policies, fight against corruption, social progress, promotion of equality). 

Security : The ability to preserve the integrity of the territory and that of its citizens (defense, internal security, public health, freedom of expression, sustainable development). 

Creation : The ability to create optimism, momentum and innovation (development, economic innovation, new technologies, scientific research and  university).  

From 2021 it has been decided to be able to add a specific rating characteristic of current events. In 2021, the Impredictibility criterion noted the responsiveness of governments to the Covid pandemic. It will be decided each year to choose or not a significant theme of the geopolitical situation.  

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